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Here at Bon Groundwork Ltd, we are proud of the long history we have serving the people of Sevenoaks. For more than forty years, companies and individuals across the town have benefited from having one of the region’s leading groundwork companies practically on their doorstep. Based in nearby Orpington, we have made hundreds of visits to Sevenoaks over the years, delivering essential groundwork solutions. These include demolition work, site clearances, excavations, basement construction, laying foundations, foul drainage systems, and so much more.

Professional Groundwork Contractors in Sevenoaks

As your local, reliable firm of groundwork contractors in Sevenoaks, we have much to offer our customers across the town and local area. Here is a few of our more popular services…


Whatever construction project you are engaged upon, it all begins with the groundwork. At Bon Groundwork Ltd, we provide our Sevenoaks customers with a range of solutions as either a standalone service or part of a broader groundwork contract. These include retaining walls, shoring support, site clearances, demolition work, excavations, and more. Whatever you need, we can provide it.

Basement Construction and Excavation

While basement excavation and construction is easy enough when considering a new build, it becomes more difficult when adding to your existing property. Fortunately for our Sevenoaks customers, we have the experience, the tools, and the expertise to do just that. Whether you want a retrofit basement under your home or a below-garden basement, we can help you.


No matter the nature of your building project, strong and sturdy foundations are an absolute must. At Bon Groundwork Ltd, we offer a range of techniques for your site, depending on the particular specifications. These include poured concrete foundations and pre-cast concrete beams. We can also repair and strengthen any existing foundations that may have settled over the years.


We offer a selection of drainage options to our Sevenoaks customers. From the basic surface water and foul drainage systems that carry natural and waste water to the sewers, to mains sewer connection solutions, we can hook you up in no time. If your property is too remote, we can install alternatives such as cesspits and septic tanks.

Commercial Groundwork Services in Sevenoaks

If you’re in need of commercial groundwork services in Sevenoaks, you have come to the right place. We apply the same high standard of workmanship and customer service to every commercial contract as we do to our private clients. This ensures a first-class service, whether you run an office, a factory, a school, a hospital, or anything else.

Why Choose Bon Groundwork?

Health and Safety

We are dedicated to keeping our team and our Sevenoaks customers safe at every stage of our groundwork projects. We conduct full risk assessments on every job to determine potential risks for our workers, other contractors, and the general public. In doing so, we can mitigate the possibility of injury, ensuring a safe and practical working environment.

Experienced Groundworks Specialists

We have been part of the local groundwork industry here in Sevenoaks since we first started trading back in 1979. That is more than 40 years delivering essential groundwork services to the town. We have our own team of local groundwork specialists who bring decades of accumulated experience to every project, ensuring quality work and customer service.

Your Local Groundwork Contractors

Sevenoaks is not far from our home town of Orpington. Indeed, it is a more or less straight run down the M25, a journey we can complete in under twenty minutes in the right traffic. No matter how long your groundwork project is scheduled to take, you can rely on us to arrive on time, every day.

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